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Tax Notification Error

posted Apr 22, 2016, 6:47 AM by Andrew Smalley   [ updated Aug 15, 2016, 8:49 AM ]
Important Notification:  I am writing to notify the property taxpayers in Commerce that there is an error on the annual tax assessment notices mailed this week.  On the notices, there is a School Bond #1 at 3.0 mills and a School Bond #2 at 3.0 mills.  That information is INCORRECT.  The Commerce School millage is 19.845 mills and there should be one School Bond #1 at 3.0 mills.  According to Phillip Smith at the Jackson County Tax Assessors Office, there was a duplication error with the school bond tax.  According to Mr. Smith, they more than likely will not send corrected annual assessment notices; however, taxpayers will not be charged twice for the school bond tax when bills are issued.  Thanks in advance for your understanding of this error and for the continued support and quick action by everyone at the tax assessors office. 

If you have questions concerning your property tax notices, please contact the tax assessors office at 706-367-6330